new song.

(listening to UHF)

new song. it's about how lifeless our advice is to people, especially the person giving it. they need to stop what there doing and listen to what they are saying.

i feel that my advice is much like that. i need to take what i'm saying as advice to myself.

Learn More About Me

you think i'm the one to counsel you through your pains

like i'm the one who never lost but always gains

the truth is i'm worse than you

and this is more than true

i'm not here to counsel you,

i'm here to learn more about me.

can you stay a while and let me not listen to you

(talk about) your days and shames and how you think she looks in blue

that doesn't matter to me

i know this is not what you need

i'm not here to counsel you.

i'm here to learn more about me.

when i'm on my deathbed, think about my life

i wanna know i could've helped your wife

the truth is i know i won't

but that doesn't matter to you

you'll take me to where i belong

then i'll more about you.