new years resolution

(listening to kings of leon, mewithoutyou)

this up coming year (2009) i have a few plans to make myself more proficient at my craft. my craft of songwriting and musicality. so besides the saving money, i have a whole new endeavor to try to perfect (which won't happen; perfection is a goal, not a reality) so in order to do so i have a few tasks that i'm going to ask of myself everyday.

1. morning pages:every morning when i wake up i will commit half an hour to an hour just for writing exactly how i feel. whether it comes out poetically, lyrically or just in a explanatory collection of my thoughts. no matter how i feel or the day, it will happen.

2. bible study:i will be studying the prayers of others to learn how the greatest speakers, writers, theologians, authors, philosophers, geniuses of all time would say what's on their hearts and minds.

3. mind expansion:any form of knowledge i can gain will be allotted to this, weather it be about sound, music, love, jesus, writing, anything is up for game.

4. play guitar and read what i wrote out loud:this is done so i can learn how to hear a song form within itself. sprouting from the words on the page and singing through the notes on my guitar.

newest installation that came to mind while i was writing this entry:

as mountains lean towards you
come near
give the wind your touch
shed your tears
tyler cutforth 2008

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